Music is an ultimate means to express yourself and your creativity, to connect with others, have an outlet for your energy or simply to have fun! All you need is an instrument and time, right? Well, not really if you also want to get your music ‘out there’. If you’re really into music, but not so much in the organization around it to get your music out there and if you don’t have the ambition, exposure or budget to connect to a professional label to get started: we are there to help.

We love to help you get out on stage. By (non-exclusive) booking or organizing our own concerts or events. Or just supporting a gig you already have coming with sound, light or audio/video recording.

It’s not easy these days to get into venues, especially when you don’t have a proven track record yet. We’d like to help to try and to you stand out with decent promotional material (photo, video, audio).

From singer/songwriter to death metal band. As long as you believe in what you do, we’re there to help!

Song recording

Want to have a decent recording for promotion, or a pre-production without renting a studio, we can get on site (during a rehearsal) to help you out with that.

Example: demo RIVER

Music video

So you have an audio track, but want to make more impact by turning it into a music video? We can help you out. Together we define the setting and vibe, after which we can shoot and edit..
Example: Hollow by Random Objects

Live concert registration

Got a high-exposure gig and want to take advantage by creating proper promotional material from it? We can help with a proper audio and video registration.
Example: Chrystal lake by WhatIF

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