And… action

So before our site fully went online and even without having a bank account yet to imburse any expenses, we happened to run into a first request for Mexpo assistance already : CKE asked to help with the production of ‘Dag van de Amateurkunst – online edition’. Although the lockdown was mostly lifted just before the event, it continued as a fully online event. Including last-minute positive Corona testing of participants and according program changes as seems to be business as usual these days.
Quite a complex production including bands, interviews, dance and some workshops. The latter were handled with a hybrid teams and stream setup: The workshop ran in a teams session parallel to the stream with the stream output also being the teams camera and audio. So it allowed being a spectator on the continuous stream or a participant joining the teams session.
Three scene’s were build in a single room to quickly change between setups for a band, dance/theater and workshops.

Quite an intense weekend preparing and running this production, but so nice to get out again after lockdown and proud we could pull it off!

The stream can still be viewed on CKE youtube